Billing Period

Bills are issued on a monthly basis. When periods are less than the normal billing period, bills will be computed based on the actual period covered by the meter readings.

When the town's meter reader is unable to gain access to the customer's premises and read the meter on any regular meter reading date, the town may render an estimated bill.


Utility bills are due upon receipt. Late charges will be applied after 4:30 PM on the 20th of each month (with the exception fixed income customers). If the 20th of any month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, late charges will be applied after 4:30 PM on the next regularly-scheduled business day.

Payment Options

  • Budget bill


    The Town of Smyrna offers a budget billing program for qualifying accounts. Please contact the Business Office at (302) 653-9231 ext. 2342 to sign up.
  • Credit / debit cards - Effective February 1, 2010, the Business Office will no longer accept any type of debit / credit card transactions.
  • Direct debit - The Town of Smyrna also offers direct debit to pay your utility bill. To take advantage, please fill out the Direct Debit Form. There is no additional charge for this type of payment.
  • Drop Box - Drop boxes are located in front of Town Hall, as well as on the counter in the Business Office. Both of which are emptied Monday through Friday at 8 AM and 4:30 PM. Any payments placed in either box after 4:30 PM on the 20th are considered late and will be charged a late fee. The late fee is 10% of your past due utility balance.
  • Online Payment - You may also pay your bill online. You will be redirected to a third-party website to make your payment. A $4.95 flat fee will be applied to those paying by credit or debit card. You may also pay by check from your bank account. There is a convenience fee of $1 for paying by check online. Please note that account payments made online after 3 PM EDT will be scheduled for the next business day and are considered late.

Yard Meters

For customers who may be watering lawns, washing vehicles, or using large amounts of water, a second water meter may be purchased at Town Hall for $200. Customers with yard meters installed are only charged for the water that they use. Yard meters are not charged for sewer.

Going on Vacation?

Contact the Business Office to make arrangements for payment of your utilities while you are out of town.

After Hours Utility Emergencies

For after-hours utility emergencies, please contact the Smyrna Police Department at (302) 653-9217.