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General Info & Online Taxes
General Information
The town now provides property tax information online in pdf format.  We will provide two  documents - Base Tax Amount (Current Year)* and Delinquent Account (Current Month)**.  

The Base Tax Amount (Current Year) is a listing of taxable property in the Town of Smyrna and includes the address, map number, owner name, location ID, tax ID, and the billed amount for the current tax year.

The Delinquent Account (Current Month) is a listing of delinquent tax accounts in the Town of Smyrna and includes map number, owner name, tax ID, and what is currently due in taxes.  At the top of each page is a date that the amounts are good through.  It is possible that additional amounts are owed on utilities, engineering fees, enforcement actions, or other miscellaneous charges.  

As always, you may request information through our website ,via email, or fax at (302) 653-3492.  For any questions regarding a problem with your taxes, please contact the Tax Department at (302) 653-9231 ext. 2324.

*The base amount tax information provided is updated every year in May.  
**The delinquent tax information is updated on a monthly basis.