Rental Inspections


  • 24-hour notice is required when scheduling inspections
  • A $55 inspection fee must be paid for prior to scheduling the inspection
  • Minimum of one-hour notice is required for canceling scheduled inspections to avoid a $80 reinspect fee
  • Rental addendum must be received, rental licenses must be paid, and rental inspection must be performed before a tenant may move into the unit. A rental unit is not to be re-occupied after a vacancy of any length of time until it has been inspected by the Town of Smyrna and approved for occupancy
  • If a tenant wishes to have utilities in their name, they must apply for the service online or in-person with the Customer Service Representatives. The landlord will also be required to fill out a form online or in-person
  • Rental inspections are not required for immediate family members, but a form must be obtained and filed with the Customer Service Representatives for an exemption