Shade Tree Commission

The town of smyrna-3Members

  • Valerie Forbes, Citizen Member/Chair
    Term Expires: May 2024
    Email Valerie Forbes
  • Tabitha Gott, Citizen Member
    Term Expires: May 2024
    Email Tabitha Gott
  • Donna Komorowski
    Term Expires: May 2025
  • Michael Turner
    Term Expires: May 2025
  • Richard Pratt
    Term Expires: May 2026
  • Town Manager Designee: Kevin Fox, Staff Expires: May 2025
  • Vacant - 1 Year Term
  • Vacant - 2 Year Term

Richard has 45 years in the field of arboriculture. Richard retired from Hagley Museum as their Gardens and Grounds Supervisor and Out Reach Arborist. Richard is a member of the International and local Penn-Del chapters of the Society of Arboriculture, ISA Certified Arborist, Delaware Urban and Community Forestry Council and past chair, appointed Vice Chair of the Delaware Governors Council on Forestry, Vice Chair, and member of the New Jersey Shade Tree Federation.

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Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Mission Statement

To educate the public about the benefits of trees and their proper care, develop specific projects relating to the planning, management, care, planting and preservation of trees in the community forest, and for the beautification of the town.


The Master Tree Plan will allow the Town of Smyrna and its residents to plan for and maintain a diverse and vital urban forest. This document outlines the goals, strategies, and requirements that will help guide planning and management decisions through the use of best management practices. It is the intent of the Master Tree Plan to be used as a guide by staff, public, and private developers and property owners for the selection, placement and proper maintenance of trees within the Town of Smyrna.

Key Objectives of This Document

  • Provide information on the environment, economic and social benefits of trees
  • Outline the guideline principles, design standards, and methods that promote healthy trees
  • Provide a list of appropriate tree species for the environment with information on selecting the proper trees
  • Guide for establishing and maintaining new and existing trees

One Thousand Trees of Smyrna

One Thousand Trees of Smyrna logo

1,000 Trees for Smyrna Program was revamped in 2016 and initiated by the Town of Smyrna Shade Tree Commission to improve our environment, add to the scenic value of our Town, create wildlife habitat, and help to diminish the effects of global warming.

Envisioned as a ten-year project managed by the Town of Smyrna Shade Tree Commission, with input form local experts and the Delaware Forest Service, the plan will designate indigenous and other appropriate trees for planting throughout the Town.

For those interested in making a donation to the 1,000 Trees for Smyrna Program, please email Valerie Forbes or call at 302-423-6516.

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