Message from our Mayor

To the Citizens of Smyrna,

I wish like to extend my sincere thanks to the residents for providing me with the opportunity to serve as your Mayor for the Town of Smyrna. This is the greatest personal honor that I have ever received.

I would like to extend congratulations to the newly elected Councilman Michael Rasmussen, Councilwoman Margaret Mann and Councilwoman Tabitha Gott on their successful bids for council seats this year. Each new Councilperson brings a wealth of knowledge that will make this Council successful. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Councilwoman Valerie Forbes in accepting to serve as Vice-Mayor and Councilman William Pressley to serve as Council Secretary. I want to thank all the volunteer citizens accepting to serve on the various committees and commissions as chairperson or as a member, because volunteerism is the backbone of the success of any town council.

This Council will work on behalf of all of the taxpayers in this Town. Without Citizen Buy in of our current and future plans, we cannot grow, we cannot prosper and we cannot succeed. This Council's goal is to reach out to all the citizens in Smyrna and have meetings so they can express their wants, needs and concerns. We will work with the existing businesses to address their concerns and strive to bring new businesses that will supplement and support our growing population.

Over the past years, the Town of Smyrna has experienced growth in businesses and housing. This council will continue that trend, and we are looking to increase entertainment and development of more recreation areas for our youth and senior citizens. The major project we will build will be the Smyrna Regional library. The construction of the library will play a vital role in the development and maintenance of our downtown business growth by bringing in more foot traffic.

Presently, we have a major infrastructure project in progress at South Main Street with other infrastructure projects being scheduled. There is a business park under construction north of Duck Creek called the KRM project that is expected to bring businesses and jobs to our community. Also, a housing development is schedule for construction north of Duck Creek as well. The Town is looking into building a water tower to handle the water needs and remove the stress on the existing towers to meet our town's ever growing population.

Establishing broad band services to our citizens was discussed by the prior council, but that is a definite project for future consideration due the cost and having complete citizen buy in.

We are planning to upgrade the facilities at George Wright Park in order hold more events and the Parks and Recreation Committee has been charged to look into building an amphitheater in the park for our outdoor musical events.

Providing for a quality way of life, we encourage you to visit or recreational facilities, including the George Wright Memorial Park, and Lake. There are sporting activities for youth of all ages from Little Lass softball, little league baseball, Pop Warner football on up to our Smyrna High School State Championship athletic programs.

If you are seeking to open a business, raise your family or retire, the Town of Smyrna is waiting for you.


Mayor Robert C. Johnson