Recycling FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Recycling Program

Q. Can I put regular trash out for collection on Friday?

A. No, the Friday collection is for recyclables only, no other trash will be collected that day.

Q. Can I put recyclables out for collection on Tuesday in the regular trash?

A. Yes, recyclable items can be included with the regular trash on Tuesdays but we encourage you to dispose of them on Fridays.

Q. Can I use my designated recycling cart for trash for pickup on Tuesday?

A. No, the recycling cart is intended to be used for recyclable items for pickup on Friday only. Recyclable items do not go to the same disposal point as regular trash and are subject to a different disposal fee.

Q. Will the contractor take recyclables on Tuesdays if separated from the regular trash (either in the recycling container or another container).

A. The contractor will pick up all items placed for collection on Tuesdays but recyclables will be included in the regular trash and not treated as recycling at the landfill. Recyclables should be saved and disposed of during the Friday collection to keep them out of the regular trash disposal process.

Q. Can I refuse to take the recycling cart and not participate in the program?

A. Yes, but the town is required to provide each customer with a recycling opportunity, which includes providing a special cart for such purpose. You can choose not to recycle but the town has to provide the service as required by state law.

Q. Will I still pay the full charge for trash collection if I do not participate?

A. Yes, the town’s service includes a regular trash collection day (Tuesday) and a recycling collection day (Friday) each week which is included in the monthly trash billing. You do not get a discount or rebate if you choose to not participate.

Q. Is the recycling cart I receive my personal property or does it belong to the town?

A. Carts belong to the town but are designated for a specific address for your use. They remain with the property when you relocate or discontinue service. Defective or damaged carts should be reported to the Business Office at (302) 653-9231 for replacement.

Q. Is there a charge for the recycling cart?

A. No, the town has received a state grant to purchase recycling carts to be provided to our customers. The first cart is provided at no cost; there may be a charge for lost, intentionally damaged, or extra carts.

Q. When will recycling carts be delivered?

A. Delivery will start Tuesday, June 21. Carts will be delivered by a third party contractor and placed at the front of each residence/business on the sidewalk or driveway apron.

Q. If I am not going to be in Town during the distribution of the carts can I receive it a later date?

A. Yes, if we are notified prior to the start of delivery (June 21) and given an alternative date.

Q. Are all carts the same size?

A. Generally yes, all customers will receive a 65 gallon cart (exceptions: a few businesses with limited space or higher than normal volumes may receive a smaller or larger cart – supplies of both are very limited). We will try to accommodate hardships AFTER the carts are delivered and in use.

Q. Are all residents of Smyrna included in the Town’s recycling program? Will businesses be included? Are apartment complexes with dumpsters included in the town program?

A. All current Town of Smyrna trash customers are included in the town’s program. A limited number of businesses in town are served by the town (typically those with no room for a dumpster). Others will be provided recycling services by their independent trash contractor. Apartment complexes with dumpsters are serviced by an independent trash contractor and are not included in the town program.

Q. Will the Recycling Center behind DHCI remain in service?

A. The DHCI facility is operated by DSWA. They are phasing out those collection centers in the near future.

Q. Can I dispose of yard waste with trash on Tuesday or recyclables on Friday?

A. No, by state law yard waste can not be included in either the regular trash or recyclable collections. Yard waste can be bagged or bundled and placed curbside.