Smyrna U.S. Route 13 Design Week

The Town of Smyrna will be developing a Master land use and transportation plan for U.S. Route 13 within the town limits and extending into areas identified in the town's annexation plan. The Town will also be going through the process of updating its zoning code in 2012, which presents an ideal opportunity to identify new zoning classifications along U.S. Route 13.

With new potential land use classifications along this corridor, there is an opportunity to transform the look, feel, and function of U.S. Route 13 to better suit Smyrna's vision. As part of this study, the Dover/Kent County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination, and Department of Transportation (DelDOT) will assist the Town in developing its Master Plan.

This effort will include public involvement by means of a week-long public planning event, known as a charrette, which includes data collection and review, coordination with other organizations and stakeholders, preparation/presentation of design graphics, and completion of a final recommendations report. Please see our Calendar of Events and Participation pages to find out how you can be a part of designing the future of U.S. Route 13 in Smyrna, Delaware.

The U.S. 13 Corridor Master Plan will serve to create the aesthetic northern and southern gateways, as well as the unique "sense of place" along the length of Smyrna's primary throughway. Since this corridor currently bisects the town creating a distinct separation, a primary goal of the project is to design an inclusive aesthetic that brings the community back together. The current code will be updated with graphic diagrams, tables, definitions and pictures that will make the final document easy to use and understand. The U.S. Route 13 Design Week should serve as a case study for how similar planning can be applied to other districts within the town.

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