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Council strongly values active citizen participation in Town by atteThe town of smyrna-3nding Council meetings, volunteering their time on the committees listed below, and having all voices heard by voting in Town elections each April.

The public is welcome to attend all public meetings. This allows you to better understand the goals and focus of each group, as well as help you realize which one interests you the most.

Committees are formed to fully address complex issues of the town. Standing and ad hoc committees consist of at least one Town Council member and, in most cases, at least one citizen member appointed by the mayor. Below is a list of the current commissions and committees in Smyrna. There are a few council-member only committees, still open to the public, and can also be viewed below.

Joining a Committee, Commission or Board

While there are not vacancies in all the groups, you are still welcome to fill out the application for the Committee, Commission, or Board that interests you and if or when a vacancy occurs, your application will be considered.

Fill out the Application for Joining a Committee, Commission or Board (PDF)

Current Vacancies

  • Ethics Commission
  • Shade Tree Commission

Current Committee Member Directory

  • View a full list of all committees and their members

Councilmember Only Committees

  • Contract Negotiation Committee
  • Personnel Committee