How will installing solar panels affect my utility bill?

Town of Smyrna customers that have solar panels will receive two separate bills each month. One bill will contain the customer service charge as well as any other charges for other services provided to you by the Town of Smyrna (e.g. water, sewer, trash). The second bill will be for electric only. Some months your solar panels may produce more electric than you consume which will result in the town applying a credit to your electric account. However, some months you may use more electric than your solar system produced in which case any credits on your electric account will be applied to your balance (see note).

Every year in the month of May, the town will review your solar account. If you have any credits on your account, the town will issue a refund based on our wholesale cost to purchase electric from our provider.

Note: Please note that electric credits cannot be applied to other account services and fees.

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1. How will installing solar panels affect my utility bill?
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