Selling Your Home

Active Account

  • Make sure that utilities payments are up to date.
  • Complete and submit the Disconnection Form.
  • Note that we do not disconnect on weekends and holidays.

Inactive Account

  • Make sure the utilities are up to date or will be collected at settlement.
  • If a one-day walk-through/home inspection is being completed, by the property owner, property manager, or seller's representative submit a Home Inspection Request.
  • Please include the requested date (Monday through Friday) and time (8 am to 3 pm).
  • Electric and water can be turned on as early as 8 am and will be turned off at 3 pm. Someone will need to be at the home to meet someone from the Water Department for the water turn-on.
  • If the electricity has been off for longer than six months, an outside electrical inspection needs to be completed and the cut-in-card mailed, emailed, or faxed by the inspection agency.
  • If utilities are to be on for an extended period of time, the owner will need to put something in writing, providing an updated mailing address for future correspondence, and pay any delinquent balances, if applicable.
  • If the seller's agent/manager is looking to turn on utilities, a business/builder application must be completed, delinquent balances paid (if applicable), and a deposit of $225 must be submitted in cash, check, or money order to Town Hall or mailed to:
    Town of Smyrna
    P.O Box 307
    Smyrna, DE 19977