General Information

  • Bills are due upon receipt
  • Bills must be paid by the 6th of each month no later than 4:30 pm, or paid online by 3 pm. If the 6th falls on a weekend and/or holiday, bills will be due the following business day.
  • The two drop boxes out front and in the vestibule of Town Hall are emptied Monday through Friday promptly at 8 am and 4:30 pm. Any payments put in the boxes after 4:30 pm  are considered late and will be assessed penalties.
  • Going on vacation? Contact us to make arrangements for payment of your utility bill while you are out of town.

Late Fee Policy

  • 5% of the unpaid account balance will be assessed to any account not paid in full by the deadline.


Please Note: Water, Sewer, and Yard are all calculated with a fixed charge plus additional cost per gallon; please see rate sheet below for the calculations 

Please see the 2023 Town Rates (PDF) and Permit Fee Schedule (PDF)

Kent County is the entity responsible for treating Smyrna customers' wastewater. The county just raised the rate it charges the Town to perform this service by 10.0%. To ensure it has sufficient funding moving forward, the Town must pass along this increased cost and is, as a result, immediately adjusting its rate by 3.3%. Smyrna sewer customers will  see this change reflected with the July 2023 usage. 

“Due to events out of our control, energy costs are increasing due to regulations that required a power plant in Delaware to continue operating for reliability purposes after it filed to shut down. These costs are the sole reason energy costs are going up for our community, and they are expected to continue for 4.5 years. The costs that have been pushed down to us will result in a 6% increase in our electric rates, effective September 2022. We are doing everything we can to reduce these costs where possible.” Effective immediately the PPCAC (Purchased Power Cost Adjustment Clause) has increased to .013.

Contact Us 

Phone: 302-653-9231 option 4

Fax: 302-653-3492


Having trouble paying your utility bill?

The following providers may be able to help:

  • Smyrna Clayton Ministerium Phone: 302-653-8000

  • Smyrna State Service Center Phone: 302-514-4500

  • Catholic Charities Phone: 302-674-1600

  • DE State Housing Assistance Program Phone: 866-935-0407

  • First State Community Action Agency Phone: 800-372-2240