Sustainable Energy

The Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC) works to ensure that consumers will have stable access and rates throughout the year, even as the population increases.

What You Should Know:

  • Map of power sources in DelawareDelaware is a part of a 13 state grid, which provides access to greater assets for reliability and stability
  • DEMEC provides fixed, stable rates to members, who then provide fixed rates to consumers. A Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund is used to protect members from volatile prices.
  • DEMEC's power supply comes from a diversity of resources, which limits risk. 
    • Over 90% of DEMEC's delivered power meets the criteria of low to no emissions
    • 8 Delaware municipalities have chosen to provide solar power to their constituents, including Smyrna!
  • All DEMEC owned generation assets are also fully winterized to prevent weather-related damage.

For more information, please visit DEMEC to learn more about how they're keeping prices low today while planning for future demands.