Comprehensive Rezoning 

Smyrna Comprehensive Rezoning 

In accordance with Title 22 §702 of the Delaware Code, municipal governments are required to develop comprehensive land use plans every ten years. On July 19, 2021, the State of Delaware approved and certified the Town of Smyrna’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan. This Comprehensive Plan provides a framework to guide and direct the Town’s land use decisions and which parcels are eligible for annexation into the municipal boundaries of Smyrna. Figure 3 – Future Land Use Map of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, as shown below, outlines and specifies land use designations for every parcel within the Town of Smyrna. In accordance with State law, the Town’s Official Zoning Map must be evaluated for consistency with the Future Land Use Map of the adopted 2020 Comprehensive Plan

future land use map 11

In accordance with State law, the Town of Smyrna is required to conduct a Comprehensive Rezoning of 921 parcels to comply with the Future Land Use Map of the adopted 2020 Comprehensive Plan. The bulk of these rezonings relate to the following three new zoning districts created with the before-mentioned 2020 Comprehensive Plan:

DR – Downtown Residential District

This new zoning district was created to replace the existing suburban residential districts (R-2 and R-3) within those historical downtown residential neighborhoods to ensure that new development compliments and conforms to the historic character of said neighborhoods. Single-family residential dwellings, two-family dwellings, and duplexes are permitted by-right, while townhouses and small apartment buildings are permitted by Conditional Use approval from the Town Council. New dwellings are required to be constructed within 20 ft. of the sidewalk (front setback) while garages are required to be set back from the front of the house or constructed along rear-access alleys.

Corridor Commercial District

This new zoning district was based upon the 2013 U.S. 13 Corridor Plan and Design Manual (and subsequent Comprehensive Plan Amendment), which envisioned the existing low-density suburban strip corridor through Smyrna being redeveloped into a high-density mixed-use corridor with buildings set close to the street. The purpose of this zoning district is to improve the visual streetscape along U.S. Route 13 and for new development to mimic the character of a downtown commercial district.

Planned Village Community District

This new zoning district was created and designated for four existing vacant agricultural lands previously approved for suburban residential development. This district will require new development to mimic the character and feel of historic downtown residential neighborhoods with small lots, a mix of housing types, interconnected street network, interspersed with open spaces and recreational uses. New dwellings and buildings shall be required to be constructed close to the street like those in downtown residential neighborhoods.


If you have any questions about this comprehensive rezoning process, please contact the Town of Smyrna Director of Planning, Jeremy Rothwell, by email at or by phone at (302) 389-2332.

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Interactive Online Rezoning Map

Comprehensive Rezoning Timeline

The Town of Smyrna encourages residents to participate in the Comprehensive Rezoning process to ask questions and learn what this rezoning (as required by State law) will mean for their property or home. In particular, the Town will host a two-hour informational session and open house on February 22nd at Citizens Hose Company for residents and property owners to learn and ask questions about the comprehensive rezoning process from Town staff and members of the Planning Commission. This presentation and Q & A will be livestreamed and recorded for residents to view on this webpage. The Comprehensive Rezoning has been split up into two separate approval tracts. For each approval tract, the Planning Commission will vote and provide a formal recommendation while the Town Council will issue final approval for all rezonings. For all Planning Commission and Town Council public hearings, residents and property owners may attend and provide testimony in-person at Town Hall or via Zoom. The public meetings and hearings are as follows:

Meeting Schedule