About Smyrna

Aerial view of Main St.


We are Smyrna, born on the banks of the pristine Duck Creek and anchored in our 250 year history; nurturing small town life while embracing cutting-edge technology.

We remember the importance of a handshake and honor those we call family; celebrating life and community, appreciating the importance of a good parade.

From Duck Creek to Lake Como, Bombay Hook to Main Street, we are focused on our past, present and future.

The Town of Smyrna is dedicated to providing effective, efficient and fiscally responsible municipal services in a courteous, professional manner which supports its high standard of community life that values its unique historic character as a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment, with strong, diverse economic opportunities.

Delaware's 5th largest and in recent years, fastest growing municipality, Smyrna is located at what is now the demographic center of the state. Strategically located and poised for continued economic and residential growth, the future is promising for Smyrna!

We are Smyrna, Delaware. Always Marching Forward.

Smyrna Today

Present-day Smyrna is at least three times its pre-1900s size and growing rapidly. The town's strategic location in the northeast, in addition to its location 12 miles north of the state capital of Dover and 30 miles south of the major business center of Newark and Wilmington, makes it a competitive location for business. Smyrna's historic small-town atmosphere and its great pride in its quality of life and educational system make it highly desirable for families and homeowners.

Committed to prudent progress, the town is upgrading its physical and technological infrastructure in order to prepare for growth demands in advance of the need. Home to approximately 6,000 residents, Smyrna was recently ranked 31 in the nation and number one in the state among towns ranging between 5,000 and 15,000 people. Enjoy Smyrna - a place where the past co-exists pleasantly with the present while diligently preparing to leap into the future.